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General Guidelines
  • Observe PD General Rules
  • Before creating new thread use search button first before posting.
  • Provide complete details on your queries. ex: screenshot  etc.
  • If the query was solved. Inform moderators by using report button or just leave a message that the thread was solved.
  • Avoid posting all capital characters.
  • Avoid Thread Bumping
  • Learn to appreciate to those members who helps and contributes for the thread by hitting thanks button.
  • Please Provide a Screenshot for more convenient look if possible
  • Code all external links posted ( ex: [ code ] site [ /code ] )

Posting Guidelines

 As much as possible Use the following format in writing the Subject/Title of your new post.
      [REQ]  - Requesting
      [TUT]  - Tutorial
      [FYI]   - Additional Information
      [HELP] - Help
 Bad example:
Good example:
 [REQ] Microsoft Office 2003

Failure to comply the guideline will result to thread deletion without prior notice.

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