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General Guidelines
  • Observe PD General Rules
  • Before creating new thread use search button first before posting.
  • Provide complete details on your queries. ex: screenshot  etc.
  • If the query was solved. Inform moderators by using report button or just leave a message that the thread was solved.
  • Avoid posting all capital characters.
  • Avoid Thread Bumping
  • Learn to appreciate to those members who helps and contributes for the thread by hitting thanks button.
  • Please Provide a Screenshot for more convenient look if possible
  • Code all external links posted ( ex: [ code ] site [ /code ] )
  • Hyperlink is not allowed except pinoyden links. All external hyperlink posted will be subject for moderation. delete and infraction.
Posting Guidelines
 As much as possible Use the following format in writing the Subject/Title of your new post.

      [REQ]  - Requesting
      [TUT]  - Tutorial
      [FYI]   - Additional Information
      [HELP] - Help
 Bad example:
Good example:
 [REQ] Microsoft Office 2003

Failure to comply the guideline will result to thread deletion without prior notice.

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general guidelines updated.

hyperlink posting :ty: