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05-28-21 01:29 PM
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If Only
If only, time was favorable of us
If only you have given me a chance
If only I have tried to be much better
Then maybe now we are together.

Those many times that I have wasted
I should have pursued what I really wanted
The girl I always dreamt when Iím asleep
The one I desire and admired so deep.

Youíre so beautiful inside and out
Iím quite sure even we are apart
I just can feel it in my heart
I could have loved you all my life.

If only, I have not been a fool
If only, I fought harder with my lost
Then I could have tried even harder
Oh youíre so much beautiful than ever.

Every day I am always staring at you
Iím sorry but thatís what I really do
This is pointless thing for now I know
But still I really wanted you to know

That I donít have any intension to fool you
 I donít even have the guts to talk to you
I donít know if itís me or you but
Youíre so fragile I canít touch you.

Now all I have are forbidden fantasies
The lost paradise for you and me
The love was so great thatís what I foresee
I was wondering how splendid it would be.

I know that I would sound absurd
But who cares I just want to say these words
I only want to express my admiration of you
I hope this wonít be a big deal for you.