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02-12-21 01:20 AM
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First release! The new SSC, pi mode, just opened! After registering, click "Sign in to receive rewards" to get SSCOIN rewards for free! Based on a brand-new value consensus network, replacing the traditional computing power system. Sign up to get 10 SSCoins, and invite you to get unlimited invitation commission.

Using the world's only DiffChain technology, instant transactions surpass all digital currencies

No need to fill in any personal information, no KYC, bind IP, completely decentralized. The future price is estimated to exceed 10,000 US dollars! Register to receive coins!🔥

Click to close every 24 hours

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After downloading the app, you can search for the APK installer in the App store, install it, and then check SSC as the installation
Note: SSC strictly restricts IP addresses, only one account can be registered for one network address

[Recommended reason] Simple operation, similar to pi. There is an official telegram group. Look forward to development