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01-20-21 10:09 AM
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Cryptocurrency Airdrop is a way to earn crypto tokens for free. Airdrops were made to be fully recognize by many individuals their protocols and projects. Some token distributions are made month after airdrop event.
Joining airdrops are easy to understand. Do the given tasks, verify and wait for the airdrop to be concluded.

Warning: Airdrop is fully free, If airdrop token asks you for transaction fee, The said token is a scam token. Never pay any amount for an airdrop distribution

Website Airdrops:

[You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login] ($500 worth of ANO Token)

1. Register with Arrano Network and Get 100 ANO (1 ANO = 5.5$)
2. Refer your friend and Get 100 ANO
3. Mention #ANDXdefi and #Arrano and RT , like, comment on all Social posts
4. Create and Publish Youtube Videos about ANDX token
5. Create and Publish Articles about ANDX token
6. Create and Publish positive memes about ANDX token
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