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01-09-21 12:50 PM
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  • A website for mobile users that pays USDT Cryptocurrency.
  • Upgood gives you tasks equivalent to 0.1 USDT per task.
  • Every day you will have 5 tasks to accomplish.
  • Viewing and liking Facebook rewards you USDT
  • Viewing of Tiktok videos also rewards USDT.
  • USDT network must be in TRC20 or Tron Network.
  • Withdrawal time is limited to 9:00 to 22:00 Philippine Time.
  • No KYC.

Register Here:  [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]

Get a trick to earn limitless USDT.
Follow the instructions step by step to earn USDT.  The trick will be based on your effort and multiple creation of an account. Let us begin.

Creation of TRC20 capable Wallet using TronLink Pro

Step 1: Create a TRC20 capable wallet. Any wallet can be used.  On the following instruction, the wallet used is the TronLink Pro. On the upper right corner, click the logo to create a new wallet.

Step 2: In the user interface of wallet creation, Name your wallet.

Step 3: After naming the wallet, make a password, twice verification for the password used.

Step 4: Back up your Secret Phrase and save it on paper or picture it using the camera. A screenshot is disabled that's why cameras are needed.

Step 5: After you created the TRC20 wallet, click receive and copy the TRC20 address. TRC20 address always stars with the letter T.

Upgood Secret Trick

Step 1: Create an account. Randomly input mobile number or email address.  Never forget the Account email address or mobile number and security answer or else you will never open it again.

Step 2: After registering an account, Go to the task and click the Facebook tab. New users have an extra task that reward 1usdt.

Step 3:  When clicking the tasks, you will be redirected to records. Click the Video.

Step 4: This is the tricky part here. After clicking the Video button, Countdown starts and a prompt message will appear asking what kind of mobile app you will use. If desktop is used, another tab will be open and redirected to Facebook. On this part, Do not click any actions if the countdown timer still counting. If the timer is already finished you can cancel the prompt message and click the submit button. After a task is finished, go back to Task at the bottom screen and choose another task. You can task 5x per day.

Step 5:  After finishing 5x tasks, go to My and choose Personal Information.

Step 6: On personal information, Click edit the USDT information. and paste your TRC20 address from TronLink wallet.

Step 7: Now tasks are done for a day, and TRC20 is already set. Withdraw your 1USDT on My  tab at the bottom screen and click apply for withdrawal. Remember 1USDT is the maximum for new and level 0 user. 

Step 8: Do Step 1-7 repeatedly. One TRC20 address = One Registration.

Step 8.1: Use VPN if you want one TRC20 address. Different location of VPN = one TRC20 Address.

EndNote: You can use the exchanger wallet address of USDT, be sure the network is TRC20. Register now and earn from Upgood.

Click here for step by step with photos:
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Register Here: 
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