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Passive income! Arat na para sa mga tamad mag invite pwede ka dito kumita ng  2% up to 8% daily income kahit dka mag invite! 😍😍😍

Minimun of 300 pesos palaguin natin yang 300 mo sabay kana! 🤗🤗🤗

☑️Running since 2012, 2 years in Singapore, 8 years of experience how bitaccelerate works and first time in the Philippines started august 2020
☑️Top5 best and participate in FX Trading
☑️Supported in Blockchain
☑️Earn from miners fee from BitAccelerate’s AI Platform
☑️Mining City (20-30% allocation)
☑️Telegram Bot
☑️Messenger GC (GroupChat)
☑️BitAccelerate have own wallet soon
☑️Activate your account, and get referral earnings if you have referrals deposited to your link
☑️Min. Invest $6 btc
☑️Min. Withdrawal $12 btc
☑️Compounding Min $10.32
☑️Earn 2%-8% daily
☑️More Invites, Increase Percent! 😍🤑😍

🤝to BitAcceleratebot

The #1 Trending Community based platform

✅💯% bot system
✅Minimun of $6 to start (btc value)
✅Max $251 (bitcoin value)
✅2%-8% daily on ur daily
✅$12 min withdrawal
✅$4.75 fees per Transaction
✅24/7 withdrawal,no waiting

Unilevel Bonus
✔ 1st level 5%
✔2nd level 4%
✔3rd level 3%
✔4th level 2%
✔5th-10th level 1%

Direct Recruit
(Accelerate Daily %)
✳No Direct - 2%
✳2DR basic- 4%
✳4DR basic - 5%
✳8DR basic- 6%
✳16DR basic-7%
✳32DR basic or 1 VIP-8%
basic = $5 entry
VIP = $251 up

✅ROI : 350%
* You can do re-roll or compounding
✅Top up from min. of $5 (bitcoins equavalent)

✒How to join?
🔑 Download Telegram from Playstore
🔑Register on the link of your sponsor
🔑Fund your Bitaccelerate
🔑Activate your accout by Participate your Balance in Pools


✅Sign up on link below

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