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10-06-20 06:28 PM
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I created this blog to give you an idea of how to make a similar design, it contains different types of computers, laptops, printers and more that you can use in your projects as you know thesis or personal blog only, you can also post your own comment on the image posted by admin and you can also reply to the post of another member but you must first create your own account when you are able to login you, on the other hand, can really leave a message and only one admin has control of each post which can be the topic of all members, and this blog continues to add features .. thank you to those who visit.

=========================Feature================== ===

-User Section-

*You can Register
*You can Login after successfully register.
*You can View post came from admin on your dashboard
* You can logout after.
*You can post any updates came from admin post.
*You can read about post
*You can select computer,laptop,printer etc..
*You can reply to other post of member at also you can post your own..
*Just read about us.
*You can select/view All Recent Posts
*You can select/view All categories
*You can select/view All Popular Tags
*You can view your profile after login successfully to your home section.

-Admin section-
*After login successfully view a dashboard.
-Admin can add about computer,laptop, printer for new topic to all of members.
*The others are still doing it.

--Admin credential--
Password: toledo

===UI/UX Frondend/Backend===

*Vanilla Javascript/ES6

*Mysqli prepare statement
*Sql queries
*Hash password user/admin

Xampp version 7.3

Ang Database ay nasa loob na folder na "Database"

Thank you to All members godbless....

download link : [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]

11-16-20 07:38 AM
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Thank you master  :) :) :) laking tulong sa newbie like me