Topic: Ito ibibigay ko nang free sa lahat Attendance tracker with Payroll (Read 132 times)

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Track the attendance of each of your employees.

Employee Section
-Employee Time In/Time Out via Employee ID
-Tracking Late
-Tracking Ontime
Admin Section
-Login Admin only
-Dashboard Show Members,Attendance records,Schedule,Logged for admin.
-Tracking/Show Attendance for all employee's with Edit/Delete
-Show late with Edit/Delete
-Show Ontime with Edit/Delete
-Night Differential with Edit/Delete
-Half day with Edit/Delete
-Holiday with Edit/Delete
-Add Employee Info with Edit/Delete
-Add Overtime with Edit/Delete
-Add Cash Advance  with Edit/Delete
-Add Position with Edit/Delete
-Generate .pdf for print
******Logged History for Admin only*****

==Admin Credential==

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