Topic: Wanted: Filipino Writers! NOTE: Pays in US dollars (Read 398 times)

02-06-19 12:38 PM
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Do you have EXCELLENT ENGLISH WRITING SKILLS? Do you want to turn your SPARE TIME into US Dollars? Do you HATE doing research?

If you answered YES to all of the above, apply to be a REWRITER for us.

Get paid $5 for every 1000 word article or blog post you rewrite.

Quick and easy money for people who LOVE to WRITE but HATE to research.

Why? There's no research needed. Just rewrite what's given you.

If you're a fast typist, you can easily make up to 500 pesos or more PER HOUR

You will be given instructions for an UNPAID TRYOUT. Pass the tryout and you'll start receiving URLS to rewrite.

What are we looking for?

People who can put articles in THEIR OWN WORDS - retain the same information and tone but using DIFFERENT WORDING

People who can deliver on time

This is perfect for work at home moms or people who would like a side income

To apply, do the following (in order)

Step 1: Click the reply button to this thread and post your typing speed and city (example: Makati 90 wpm)

Step 2: send an email to with the subject line $5 REWRITER APPLICANT

02-08-19 05:57 PM
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03-14-19 05:27 AM
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Very cheap !!! Its a big insult for a writers...