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[COLOR="#0000FF"]Full List Of Keys Prices[/COLOR]

Remember 1 key is for 1 PC only
Legit Keys
Lifetime License
2 Days warranty

Windows 10
Windows 10 Home = 1000 Pesos
Windows 10 Home N and KN = 950 Pesos
Windows 10 Pro = 2000 Pesos
Windows 10 Pro N and NK = 1300 Pesos
Windows 10 Enterprise (MAK) = 1600 Pesos
Windows 10 Enterprise N and KN (MAK) = 1300 Pesos
Windows 10 Education = 850 Pesos
Windows 10 Education (MAK) = 1000
Windows 10 Education N and KN = 800
Windows 10 Education N and KN (MAK) = 850

Windows 7
Windows 7 Home Basic with Service Pack 1 =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Home Premium and Home Premium K with Service Pack 1 =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Home Premium N and Home Premium KN with Service Pack 1 =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Ultimate and Ultimate K with Service Pack 1 =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Ultimate N and KN with Service Pack 1 =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Professional and Professional K with Service Pack 1 =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Professional N and KN with Service Pack 1 =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Enterprise, N, K, and KN (MAK) =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Ultimate and Ultimate K =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Ultimate N and KN =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Home Basic =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Home Premium and Home Premium K =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Home Premium N and KN =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Professional and Professional K =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Professional N and KN =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Starter and Starter K (OEM) =1100 Pesos
Windows 7 Starter N and KN (OEM) =1100 Pesos

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office 365(This includes Microsoft Office 365 for 5 devices for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.) = 1700
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 = 2000 Pesos
Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac = 1500
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 = 1250
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 = 1000
Microsoft Office Standard 2010 = 900
Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 = 1000
Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 = 900
Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 = 900

Windows 8
Windows 8 = 600
Windows 8 N = 500
Windows 8 Enterprise and Enterprise N (MAK) = 700
Windows 8 Pro = 650
Windows 8 Pro N = 550

Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 = 650
Windows 8.1 N = 550
Windows 8.1 Pro = 700
Windows 8.1 Pro N = 550
Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Enterprise N, Pro VL, and Pro N VL (MAK) = 900

- F-Secure Internet Security - 9 months -1500
- Adguard premium 1 YEAR - 1 PC -1500
- Kaspersky Internet Security 1 PC - 6 months -1500
- Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device 3 Devices 3 month -1500
- Norton Security Deluxe 3 months - 5 PC -1500
- Avast internet security 1 YEAR - 1 PC -1500
- McAfee Internet Security 5 YEARS - 1 PC -1500
- Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 1 PC -1500
- Bitdefender Total Security 2017 - 3 MONTHS - 1 PC -1500
- Revo Uninstaller Pro 3 - for term of life -1500


Payment method: Paypal/ Smart Money/ Gcash/ BPI transfer/M Lhuillier ePay/ Cebuana Lhuillier Instant Cash In  Etc.
[COLOR="#0000FF"]Contact #: 09154376459
Facebook Account :[You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login][/COLOR]

No refund will be issued

Quote from: kloneboyz;23092426
Salamat boss MS Office pro plus activated...!

Quote from: zatem;23033445

Quote from: bloo0;23021856
bought 1 license yesterday. tried it today and now working! salamat dito ts! sa uulitin po. :)

Quote from: Aitheras;23248857
bought 1 license last night, thanks for the successful deal. :)

Quote from: iramae01;23266839
sir salamat po activate na po till next business po!

Quote from: gipste;23279392
Super legit, hassle free and fast transaction, sa uulitin boss. salamat sa windows 10
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Quote from: slasher03;23306559
legit to si sir promise now lang windows 10 ko activated na maraming salamat boss talaga.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last march 2, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: jeehuu91;23318759
100% Legit. Salamat sa smooth transaction.[ATTACH=CONFIG]1247835[/ATTACH]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last march 6, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: zatem;23323846
100% legit... 2nd purchase ko na sa kanya ... Thankubossing

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last march 10, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: bon3man2;23330154
Legit ito. Thanks sir for the hassle free transaction - Butch

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last April 30, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: jeffire;23401742
Thanks bro! 100% legit, bumili ako sakanya ng 2 keys. :) Sa uulitin.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last May 6, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: CivicSIR;23410776
Thank!!!!!!!!! Ive used it and it work like a charm.....1000% approve na it will works... No worries peepz, coz he is there to help you step by step... Again Thanks!

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last May 10, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: iramae01;23420771
legit po 101% thanks po sa Office at Windows sir!

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last May 24, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: Charmed Angel;23440327
i purchased windows 10 pro and expressvpn now... very fast and easy transaction :thumbsup: i am recommending 100 % coz it is really worth it :thanks: until next purchase po ulit.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last May 30, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: pogs83;23449143
Up ko lang Trusted po ito si sir! legit yung mga product key nya....
kakakuha ko lang ng visio pro at office pro plus 2016 sa kanya.

salamat po sir!

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last June 5 and 6, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: karzai;23457376
Hi Glemor,

Meron ka ba MS Visio and MS Project keys? Magkano?


[COLOR="orange"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR]

Hi Glemor,

As far as I know, Windows 10 keys will still work even after hardware change kasi tied yung license sa account. Just make sure to use your Microsoft account when activating it.

Yun namang hardware lock, yung Windows 7. But you can upgrade to Windows 10 via media creation tool, then your license is converted to digital license.

Please clarify.

[COLOR="orange"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR]

I just bought MS Visio Professional 2016 License key from Glemour.

Legit Key. I wanted to also buy MS Project Pro 2016 License Key but he only has the Standard Version.

Transaction was done over facebook. Paid through Paypal. Bayad ka lang ng extra 100 for processing fee. This is the cheapest Legit keys I have found on the net. PhP 1200 + (100) or $26. Other sites sell for $35.

If you bought a license key and you want to install it, just go to Lahat ng office apps ito lang ang site. Based on your keys, ibibigay ng Microsoft yung download link or yung file, so don't worry about which app you have. The app will depend on your license. If you are given the wrong app but you bought the license for a different app, then it's the seller's mistake.

Don't forget to click "additional install options", and choose 64-bit system from the dropdown.

I used to download counterfeit office. But AutoKMS keeps downloading in the background. Now the keys are more affordable (compared to $480 from Microsoft website), so there's really no reason to steal.

Besides, you can get all updates without worrying about cracks or being discovered.

Please see below Microsoft confirmation installation of the Visio Pro 2016 key I bought from Glemour:

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[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last June 5, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: Animeii;23458607
Sorry sa late FB boss, trusted to, buying windows license

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last June 7, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: jeffire;23460377
Salamat bro sa 2 windows 10 home keys.. :)

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last June 6, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: karzai;23460075
You're welcome.

Anyway, I just bought MS Project Pro 2016 License Key and it worked. The License that he gave me was a pin and when you activate it, Microsoft will give you a different product key. Here is the product key confirmation of the MS Project 2016 Pro that I bought


[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last June 18, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: Charmed Angel;23477121
this is my 2nd purchase... trusted and very accommodating po si sir glemor.. thank you po

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last June 22, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: celzevil;23482550
Thanks sa Adobe CC 1 year! :) Sa uulitin

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last June 30, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: thorin06;23494271
legit seller. mabilis ang deal. salamat

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last July XX 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: iramae01;23518735
i have license Windows10, MS Office 2016 and Lifetime Netflix thanks sir! till next po!

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Bought last July 31, 2018[/COLOR]
Quote from: Charmed Angel;23530432
regular customer na po ako kay sir glemor123.... i purchased bitfender total security today.. legit and trusted seller.... thanks... til next purchase po ulit.

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thanks boss! approchable saka tuturuan ka talaga step by step nung procedure. keep it up boss!! 1000% legit! till next transaction natin boss

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