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03-06-18 06:01 PM
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Finding Yourself

Everyone were born different.
This is somehow a gift of God or part of evolution process.
Those people who found their purpose lives happily.
Although everything are seems to be imperfect and unjust.

Right and Wrong is always depend on where you are standing.
If you are standing in the right corner you will see a different view.
The same thing goes if you stand in the other corner.
These confusion lead us  to suffering and into so much trouble that might be one of the reason why we even doubt ourselves.

From our very birth we had a lot of question.
And those questions disappeared through their conditionings.
But life is always go forward.
Throw everything from your past and be naked.

Donít stick only to an out-dated laws.
It was useful before but life is always onward and not backward.
There is no other revelation other than life.
Your book was once useful but now it is trash and have nothing to do to find out who you really are.

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07-01-18 04:50 PM
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Nice work keep it  up
Ang buhay prang sandwich..
minsan masarap, minsan
pro pg ang buhay mo ay walang
icpin mo nlang ham yan! hehehe..

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Did you press join, if you have a ladder char?
That red message is a standard message everyone gets when logging in.