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09-03-16 10:16 PM
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That guy doesn't look cute at all
Not someone you would want to fall
He's not the coolest guy you'll know
Nor the nicest person who'll show

That guy is just simply annoying
Will piss you off doing nothing
He's the type who would love to flirt
Not thinking someone might get hurt

That guy surely have no guts to dance
Can't imagine him doing it even once
He's better when holding a guitar
Playing it like he is the biggest star.

That guy won't compliment if you wear a nice dress
Or appreciate when you chose him over someone else
He doesn't tell what he's feeling inside
Maybe he feels better if he keeps it all and hide

He may not be the Prince Charming I always wanted
Nor someone who won't make me feel taken for granted
He can make me cry, he'll also tell a lie
Things I hate 'bout him  and yet I still love that guy. :kiss:
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09-04-16 09:37 PM
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wow :o galing ah, medyo may sumakit lang sa loob ng ilong ko :hmm:

09-19-16 07:56 PM
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Ang ganda po. :thumbsup:
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10-06-16 09:24 PM
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Ice, pero weak pa rin? :lol: :P


:ty: Sassygirl! Bihira kita makita dito ah. :hmm: Kumusta pala kayo ni :bulong: :naughty: :P

02-09-18 10:15 PM
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Congrats.So happy for you. And good that you are a regular in our group.


03-18-18 01:43 AM
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nabuhay ah :lol:

05-11-18 10:01 PM
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Ikaw ang nabuhay. :haha:

06-23-18 10:53 PM
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If youd reminded your friend of unpublishable drivel, that would be a different story. Take the compliment and wear it like a badge of honor.

10-23-20 07:21 PM
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what a stupid guy..