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10-26-17 02:44 AM
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May nag delete ng thread ko tungkol sa site ng Dalawa beses na. Pwede ba malaman o ma trace kung sino yun.
Alams na 😏 isa lang naman active dito na mod eh  yung wala lage sa mod :rofl:

Salamat sa mga nag share

03-16-18 11:11 PM
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05-21-18 01:23 AM
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I am working on Alcatel OXE from last 4yrs and I want to do ACFE & ACSE certifications. Can someone please tell me how can I do these on my own??

Amit Sharma

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06-18-18 08:22 PM
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ito po try nyo visit lang kung OK [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]

07-10-18 11:08 AM
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07-28-18 10:00 PM
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07-30-18 12:07 PM
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hello po....nag sign up na po ako using your referral link..pero bakit po di maopen yung "Help section" nung site...tiyaka di pwede paguide naman kung paano malaman yung referral link ko..responsible ka sa akin kasi ikaw ang sponsor ko hahaha 😁✌️

08-03-18 01:52 PM
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Good day ka PD !
Gusto mo ba ng extra income ? Na kahit nasa bahay kalang e magkakapera ka using cellphone lang ang gamit ?
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08-03-18 08:33 PM
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We welcome fresh graduates, however, we do not accept freelancers and part-timers.""

09-06-18 09:32 PM
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12-02-18 05:37 AM
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12-13-18 10:32 AM
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01-02-19 08:40 AM
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